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ASORN 2014 Fort Worth Regional Meeting Recording

Lecture Topics include: Management of Eyelid Tumors, Innovations in Glaucoma Surgical Care, The Implantable Miniature Telescope, Hope for Macular Degeneration Patients, Healthcare Changes and How They Affect Your Practice, Revolutionizing Retina, How current and future advancements in the treatment of retinal disease have given sight back to a generation, and Empowering Patients Through Education, Our Vision for Your Vision, A Multi-Disciplinary Approach. Each lecture is between 35 minutes - 1 hour.

Learning Objectives:
  • Describe eyelid anatomy
  • Name two causes of eyelid malposition with tissue loss that requires reconstruction
  • Recall basic steps in eyelid reconstruction
  • Discuss approved and non-approved FDA devices used in glaucoma surgery
  • Contrast traditional glaucoma surgery with future options for glaucoma surgical care
  • List two treatment options for macular degeneration patients
  • Identify the appropriate candidate for the IMT
  • Identify 3 ways the ACA could impact your practice setting
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Institute of Medicine recommendations for the future of healthcare on Americans
  • Discuss the recent advances in the medical and surgical treatments of retinal diseases and how they have changed the approach to the disease
  • Describe the future use of stem cell related therapies for degenerative disease
  • Discuss factors that influence the adult learning process
  • Explain ways to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach for complex medical needs
  • Formulate a personal health plan

Course Code:  ASAV1010
Provided by:  ASORN
  • Karen Fogelman, RN, BSN, CRNO
  • James Merritt, MD
  • Mahmoud Khaimi, MD
  • Aaleya Koreishi, MD
  • Julie Thomas, DNP, RN
  • Johnathan Warminski, MD
  • Nancy Catalan, RN
Level:  Intermediate / Advanced
CEC/NCH Exp:  ASORN 06/30/2017

Credits:  5.0 Nursing Contact Hours, 5 JCAHPO A Credits
Format:  Audio / Video
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