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Keeping Trained Ophthalmic Nurses in Eye Care Improves Services

This course discusses the challenges of managing operating room schedules in ophthalmic services with trained nurses. The implications of having properly trained ophthalmic nurses in highly specialized, ophthalmic procedures, in terms of patient outcomes, physician satisfaction, and overall quality care, are highlighted for the learner to analyze and consider in similar settings.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the value of the ophthalmic nurse.
  2. Identify issues surrounding rostering of the ophthalmic nurse.
  3. 3. Describe outcomes associated with rostering ophthalmic nurses.

Course Code:  ASTX1460
Provided by:  ASORN
Instructor:  Heather Machin, RN, MBA; Antonio Vazquez Barrero, RN; Enrique Cosme, RN; Van Lansingh, MD, PhD; Janet Marsden, RN, PhD; Susanne Raynel, MA, BHSc, OND, RGON; Losana Vola, RN
Level:  Basic
CEC/NCH Exp:  12/31/2022

Credits:  1 IJCAHPO Group A, 1 NCH
Format:  Text or PDF
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