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Realities of Presbyopia

Presbyopia has been defined as a "progressive age-related loss of accommodative amplitude." The young eye has the ability to change its focal range by a mechanism called accommodation. As the ciliary muscle contracts, the zonular fibers attached to the crystalline lens relax, resulting in a bulging of the crystalline lens. This shape change, or increased curvature, allows one to see near objects more clearly. The aging eye eventually loses this ability to change its focal length. This lost ability is normal, natural and frustrating. This course will explore the reality that most people will live approximately half of their lives as a presbyope.

Course Code:  CLTX1209

Provided by:  CLSA

Instructor:  Buddy Russell, FCLSA, COMT, LDO

Level:  Intermediate

CEC/NCLE Exp:  7/24/2023

Credits:  1 JCAHPO Group A, NCLE CECs: 1 Credit
Format:  Text or PDF
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