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Clinical Trials in a Private Practice

This course is designated to assist the ophthalmic health professional in making the transition from routine patient caregiver into the role of a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) within the private ophthalmology practice. Topics addressed will include ICH-GCP requirements, IRB and regulatory documentation, informed consent, audits, and tips and pearls for maintaining site files and data submission.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the fundamentals of ICH-GCP.
  • Describe the regulatory documents necessary prior to beginning a clinical trial.
  • Discuss informed consent in relation to clinical trial procedures.


Provided by JCAHPO

Diana M. Hatsis, COT, RN, BSN

Level: Advanced

Credits: 1 JCAHPO Group A, 1 AOC NC, 1 COE, Category A, CEP:CABRN-1
Type: Audio Presentation
Available for Immediate Access

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