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Refractive Cataract Surgery

Preoperative evaluation tools, intraoperative technology, and intraocular lens implants have evolved over the last few decade and patients' expectations of visual outcomes have increased, as well. This presentation will discuss how these areas of ophthalmic care are used to achieve the best visual outcomes for patients today.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Name 3 preoperative surgical considerations when evaluating cataract patients in the clinic.
  2. Describe 2 currently available intraoperative technologies utilized during cataract surgery.
  3. Explain how various intraocular lens implants may be appropriate based on a patient’s preoperative evaluation and lifestyle preference.

Course Code:  ASAV1070
Provided by:  ASORN
Instructor:  R. Wayne Bowman, MD
Level:  Intermediate

Credits:  1 IJCAHPO Group A, 1 NCH
Format:  Audio / Video
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