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Ophthalmic Surgical Processor (OSP)

Discount information for employees of an OOSS Member Organization.

The OSP Certificate of Completion offers a verification of ophthalmic surgical technician knowledge for:

  1. non-ophthalmology trained personnel; or
  2. ophthalmic personnel who are not certified by IJCAHPO in the areas of surgical assisting and ophthalmic scrub/sterilization.
Individuals who complete the below surgical modules and pass the associated assessments and online examination, with a minimum passing percentage of 80%, will obtain the OSP Certificate of Completion.

The OSP Certificate of Completion is part of an eligibility pathway for the Ophthalmic Surgical Assisting (OSA) specialty certification examination.

Surgical Modules
Recognition of ophthalmic scrub/sterilization knowledge and skills are demonstrated by the completion of four online modules and passing the associated quizzes:
  • Ocular Anatomy and Physiology I & II
  • Infection Processes, Manifestations and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Safety and Principles of Ethical Operating Room Behavior
  • Sterilization Techniques
Online Examination
The online examination for the Ophthalmic Surgical Processor Certificate of Completion consists of 150 multiple-choice questions in the following content areas:
  • Sterilization
  • Sterile Storage, Inventory Management and Distribution
  • Decontamination and Disinfection
  • Surgical Instrumentation and Inspection
  • Medical Ethics
  • Microbiology
  • Medical Technology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Safety Principles
  • Bloodborne Diseases
  • Anatomy and Physiology
The product price includes modules, quizzes, and one examination attempt, to be completed within 90 days of purchase. Once the exam is started, candidates will have 14 days to complete the examination. Candidates that need to purchase an additional examination attempt must repurchase the product, and complete the modules and quizzes - but may do so at a discounted price of $90.00 for each additional purchase. Please contact IJCAHPO at 800-284-3937 to repurchase this product.
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