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Advanced Ophthalmic Pharmacology

This course will take the experienced ophthalmic technician through an up-to-date review of classes of ophthalmic medications, their uses, and their potential side-effects. Commonly-used medications of each class will be described and used to illustrate important properties of groups of medications, which should help the technician in day-to-day clinical practice.


Provided by JCAHPO

Instructor: Vasudha Panday, MD, USAF

Level: Intermediate

Credits: 1 JCAHPO Group A, 1 AOC NC, 1 OPS CEC (1:1), CEP:CABRN-1
Format: Audio / Powerpoint
Available for Immediate Access

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Loved it Jul 25, 2019 12:39 AM
By: Christine Carriger Kaden, COA

Thanks Dr Panday for providing such a great course.

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