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Color Vision Testing: Can You See the Rainbow?

This course will describe the different classifications of color vision as well as the different testing methods used to determine some of the different color vision deficiencies. The instructor will also discuss some of the different health issues that may cause color vision problems as well as give a view as to how someone with a color deficiency may see different things.

Course Code:  JCAP5130

Provided by:  IJCAHPO

Instructor:  Beth L. Koch, COT, ROUB

Level:  Basic

Credits:  1 IJCAHPO Credit
Format:  Audio / Powerpoint
Available for Immediate Access

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Engaging Presentation Feb 5, 2024 4:18 PM
By: Yvette R. Denham, COA

Slides were organized in flow with the quiz. Training under 1hr with great visuals and useful material.

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