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A Guide to Documentation of Pupillary Function

The pupil’s reaction, lack of reaction, response time, and even size and shape help determine the cause of vision loss and permanence of that loss. The documentation of this aperture into the body is a vital component of the patient work-up. Participants will learn how to rate and document pupil response time and reaction, to detect afferent pupillary defects (APD), and to recognize how this is related to the visual pathways.

Course Code:   JCAV4119
Provided by:  IJCAHPO
Instructor:  Toni Pichette, COMT
Level:  Intermediate

Credits:  1 IJCAHPO Credit
Format:  Audio / Video
Available for Immediate Access

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Loved it Mar 27, 2023 5:31 PM
By: Julissa Judith Vasquez, COA

This is probably the best presentation I have watched. The instructor showed great examples of the topic discussed. And I found it very helpful that they included a file containing the slides for note taking.

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