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Las Vegas Virtual On-Demand Program

This Virtual On-Demand Program is designed to provide a variety of courses delivered by experts in the field. NOTE: This program was originally delivered as a live regional program in Las Vegas, NV, January 25, 2020.

Course Listing:

  1. Ophthalmology Through the Eyes of a Microscope: Ocular Histology
    by Hon-Vu Duong, MD
  2. Nutrition and Vision
    by Charles Calvo, MD
  3. Ocular Surface Surgery and Complication
    by Ksenia A. Stafeeva, MD
  4. Triple E’s: Efficiency, Excellence, and Empathy—is it Possible to Achieve Them All?
    by Michelle Willis, COMT, OSA, OSC
  5. What is the Association Between Refractive Errors and Retinal Diseases?
    by Michael Stewart, MD
  6. To Treat or Not to Treat: Evaluating the Glaucoma Suspects
    by Eydie Miller-Ellis, MD

Course Code:  JCVS1002
Provided by:  IJCAHPO
Instructors:  Various
Level:  Intermediate
Duration:  90 days from date of purchase

Credits:  6 IJCAHPO Group A
Format:  Audio / Video


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