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How Anterior Segment Imaging Guides Treatment: The Old and the New

The ophthalmologist now has multiple modalities with which to evaluate the anterior segment. These modalities include slit-lamp photography, corneal topography, optical coherence tomography, specular microscopy, and ultrasound. These modalities assist the ophthalmologist in evaluating a wide range of clinical issues, such as the tear film, corneal shape, corneal infections, corneal surgery, cataract surgery, trauma, and intraocular lens calculations. These techniques work together to provide information otherwise not obtainable, and help in diagnosis and management.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide an understanding of anterior segment imaging techniques
  • Provide clinical information to assist in patient diagnosis and management


Provided by OPS

Instructor: Kenneth Cohen, MD

Level: Intermediate

(How Anterior Segment Imaging Guides Treatment: The Old and the New)

Credits: 0.5 JCAHPO Group A, 0.5 OPS CEC (1:1)
Format: Audio / Powerpoint
Available for Immediate Access

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